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Jason Pearce

Jason has performed in bike stunt shows across the world and on many different bikes, however, being an accomplished trials rider, all his skills were learned and perfected on a trials bike prior to transferring them to road bikes and performing them.


Jason is a very talented rider -that you will discover when you attend a session at Tricks in the Sticks- is extremely good at helping riders build their confidence on a bike.

  • In January 2018 Jason raced at The Foxborough Extreme Enduro and Won The Expert class.

  • He competed at "Tough One" for the last four years. Jason's best result to date was in 2018 where he achieved 5th.

  • Jason has competed in The British Extreme Enduro series in The Pro/Expert Races with a Top 12 Finish in Clubmans.

  • Jason competed at the Jersey 2 Day Trial in March and finished 2nd overall. Jason also competed At The Erzberg Rodeo WESS (World championship round) in 2018 and have also entered for 2019.

  • He qualified to quarter finals at Enduro Cross.

  • He rode at Hawstone Park WESS series and finished 82nd overall in Pro/expert class.

  • Jason won the Vets Class at Action Trax hare and hounds in August.

  • Jason has also been racing Mx at SMX and G.E.S.T at intermediate/expert level but no trophies yet!!!

  • Jason competed at The Tough Guy Extreme Enduro for the first time and achieved 3rd in vets and 6th overall (Ben won it!!)

  • Jan 2019 Jason competed at The Valleys Extreme Enduro and got a silver class finish in the main race for the 2nd year running.



Jason is currently training harder than ever and has his personal Trainer David Jones pushing him on too finally give up sugar!!!😣


Jason's next big Event is Xtreme Lagares in Portugal!!!


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