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Trials Riding and Training

From the most experienced motorbike riders to relative beginners, our trial riding experience day is tailor made to suit everyone.


But why do we use trials bikes?


At approximately 67kgs Beta EVOs are incredibly quiet for such a powerful machine (125cc to 300cc two-stroke engine), and have outstanding brakes! The best part is that the skills you can learn on them are so easily transferred to a road bike or Enduro bike. I’ve been using trials bikes to learn, practise and perfect bike skills and stunts for the last 30 years!



Is this day for you?


Whatever your level of expertise we know your riding will improve after a day with us. If you’re a novice rider, we’ll build your riding confidence and teach you techniques using balance and bike control that you will find invaluable back on the road. You’ll practise these skills in exercises in the field and woodland sections as well as trying some trickier skills and having fun just playing with the bike. More experienced riders will have their skills stretched and will learn precision techniques they never knew would work!


We know everyone will be challenged, learn something new and valuable and above all have plenty of fun doing it!

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